the start

Our dream starts 5 years ago… When Aleu meet one of the most importan travellers on Earth, he is Salva Rodigez a Spanish man going with his bike around the world. He make me feel like i don’t know anything in life, like most of the people have in mind, get a good job, big house, nice car, and a beautiful and fat bank acc. But he talked and explain the way he was living, what he saw, where he sleep… And i just was out of words, just lisent, just freeze in that moment that day.



Since then, i always think about how life will be living in a tent with a touring bike… From that day five years pass, i grow up, i learn, i prepare myself for life and i meet the right person. Now both of us have a common and unique goal, and is prepare for this trip, from what we plan we will start on, begin next year, going from Thailand to Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.



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