The way of thinking of a “rotten” world

 Our dream is far away from a common lifestyle. Who will be the crazy person? That leave a comfy life to become almost a wanderer? It’s hard to think, but we are the pure example of it. 


“just out of Phuket. Phang Nga province”

Once you look around… from the top of a simple bike it may seems different, cars pass you fast, people wearing uncomfortable clothes, foods are not tasty anymore, time go against us, not with us, feelings are forgotten, values do not exist and the landscapes are not observed carefully anymore… All for one reason, money and power, this is what make this world move to the wrong way. Why? What is so special? What you feel once you have it? NOTHING!!!! I want to ask?

If… We could not show how much money we have, if we could not have clothes on, if we all walk or ride to go from point A to B, Who the bloody hell will be more powerful? Who will be more important? Who will be happier? Where is happiness? I think is inside us, we just need to look at it…

Like yesterday during our daily ride of preparation, we were riding in a big road at Phuket (Thailand) the traffic was just horrible, everyone was going crazy to get no where, and i even feel bad humor a few times, as we almost get crashed, from those high so, business, stressed people. 

Then I told to Tan, stop the bike and look the other side, there was a big pineapple field, with mountains and a beautiful sunset as a background, next to this ugly and rotten road, so in that flawless moment I was sure that we are planning something truly great; truly unique. Be able to go around the globe with a bike, and see all those positive places, that fill up your energy in an instant. 


“Andaman sea, Rawai Beach, sea port”

And I can recommend but maybe not change people. Because they wanna keep fast, stressed, and with them poorly happy lives. All because social media, such as the TV, internet and society teach us; manipulate us.For example, to have a big house, a nice car, cool phone… and a huge mortgage. Let’s step out begin a society’s slaves, we need to be brave and make the first step.